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'Turn the page' marks a new beginning for Craggz and Parallel, not only in a change of name and lineup, it also showcases a new sound and direction in their work.

After the success of the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Northern Soul’ released on Valve Recordings in late 2006 the trio became a duo. Keen to create something new and innovative, they took their time to experiment and develop a new sound, a strong electronic theme began to emerge in their productions. The first 12” that encapsulated this new direction was ‘Shake the Disease/Magnetise’ released on their own Product imprint in early 2009. The decision to commence work on their second album was made, the aptly titled ‘Turn the Page’.
A unique approach to the production of the album was applied, drawing on influences from electronic music, past and present. From early Techno sounds and 80’s Synth Pop through to the myriad of contemporary dance music genres. Having worked previously with a completely software based setup Craggz and Parallel decided to combine analogue synthesis with modern production techniques. The key ingredient in this approach was the reintroduction of classic analogue synths in the recording process. This saw them jamming in the studio and recording synth lines in real time into the arrangements as they developed.

Artist: Craggz & Parallel
Title: Turn The Page
Label: Product Recordings
Released: 09-20-2010


1 Turn The Page (6:02)
2 Release (6:08)
3 Chamber (4:49)
4 No Wave Feat. Warren Dite (4:54)
5 No Wave Feat. Kasra (5:49)
6 The Sleeper (5:46)
7 Matrix 6 (1:42)
8 No Wave Feat. DRS (4:27)
9 Metroplex (6:16)
10 Mute Mix (4:33)
11 This Is Not The End (5:18)
12 Future Shock (5:58)
13 Forever (4:53)

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