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Task Horizon / Inside Info

The Austrians have done it again. Mainframe Recordings had an explosive start in 2008 aided by names such as Camo & Krooked and owner Disaszt, making it a definite label to keep an eye on. This next release brings us some new blood to match its unfaultering quality control that’s been standard from the start. Big things are coming, and there is no going back!

Task Horizon’s ‘Focused Locust’ featuring MILK67 on the A-side is a banger! sporting some funky as hell electro tempos to start with and it later morphs on up to D&B bpm’s to put the dance in a spin that’ll be hard to get out of; the Swiss combo delivers a dangerous mix of synthetic bass and cinematic fx that leave you guessing at every corner.
Subtle vocoded vox and smacking kicks drive this one home in fine fashion. Definitely one for the more fun floors who know how to smile!

On the flipside Inside Info brings us ‘Stations’, kicking off with a very atmospheric 80’s-inspired intro it soon gives way to a drop of pure peril! Then it’s time to step as the growling bass and the punchiest of drums lead the way accompanied by razor sharp synth stabs that give this a super-fresh edge, showing Inside Info to be a definite star of the future with production that’s second to none.

Plays from Friction, Shimon, DisasZt, Bassline Smith, Dirtyphonics, Body & Soul, Camo & Krooked, Futurebound, Crissy Criss, DC Breaks, Shockone, Aphrodite, DC Breaks, Phetsta and more.

Artist: Task Horizon / Inside Info
Title: Focused Locust
Label: Mainframe Austria
Style: Drum And Bass
Date: 15 October, 2010
1.Task Horizon - Focused Locust
2.Inside Info - Stations

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