sábado, 5 de fevereiro de 2011

Need For Mirrors - Super Earth EP

The Super Earth EP is a collection of the
duos most creative work to date. A
soundscape of musical textures, Panoramic
Views and Screenplay explore the drum &
bass boundaries, while Moving Pictures and
Medallion are snappy bass-driven workouts
for the dancefloor. The CD version is housed
in a limited edition digifile sleeve with
previously unreleased bonus track Lasers.
DJ and Radio support from DJ Krust, Commix,
Lynx, Logistics, Nu:Tone, Storm, Spirit,
Digital, Sabre, Zero T, Lenzman, Artificial
Intelligence & Flight.

artist (Need For Mirrors )
title (Super Earth EP )
record label (Nu Directions (NUCD006) )
genre (Drum & Bass )
release date (2011/02/05)
street date (2011/02/??)

01 5:36 Need For Mirrors - Panoramic Views
02 6:04 Need For Mirrors - Moving Pictures
03 6:06 Need For Mirrors - Screenplay
04 5:38 Need For Mirrors - Medallion
05 5:19 Need For Mirrors - Lasers

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