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Icicle - Under The Ice (Album)

Renowned for glorifying the deeper neck of DnB with his hollow, silvery bass lines and invasive tambour. The time has finally come to turn up your sub, sit back in your rocking chair, shut your eyes and let Icicle take you on an underground ride through the dirtiest of places. We’ve already been teased with a release from the album ‘Under the Ice’, so check out ‘Dreadnaught’ ft SPMC and ‘Arrows’ thats currently out on promo. Save your pennies, pounds, ugandan dollars for the full release on Shogun Audio on the 28th February 2011.
Artist: Icicle
Title: Under The Ice
Label: Shogun Audio
Cat. Nr: SHACD 004
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 25/04/2011

01. Step Forward (ft. Robert Owens) (04:11)
02. Dreadnaught (feat. SP:MC) (04:52)
03. Breathing Again (ft. Proxima) (05:13)
04. Nausea (04:05)
05. Bitter Taste (ft. DRS) (04:07)
06. 1,2 Go (03:44)
07. Top Of The Page (04:31)
08. Redemption (ft Robert Owens) (04:40)
09. Arrows (04:09)
10. I Feel U (04:57)
11. Europa (04:04)

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