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Marcus Intalex - 21 (Album)

After 21 years on the scene, Manchester drum & bass artist Marcus Intalex is ready to release his debut album, fittingly entitled 21.
"To me, drum & bass is something that a lot of people have ridden on success-wise, and now people have to work a little bit harder because the spotlight is elsewhere. And they are doing exactly that. There seems to be a lot of innovative drum & bass music coming from a lot of different angles and different parts of the world. It's opened up a new appreciation for the subtlety in drum & bass: the deeper side has gotten more interesting than ever."

Much like his output over the years, 21 is both varied and coherent, with dubbed out drum & bass, atmospheric techno, a bit of acid and even a cover of Radiohead, Intalex's favorite band of all time. ("They are, musically, the best thing I've ever come across, far outreaching anything I've ever known.") Guest appearances come from fellow UK veteran Zed Bias, Lynx, S.P.Y. and NonPlus+ vocalist Riya among others. The album will be available as a triple-vinyl pack as well as digitally and on CD.
Artist: Marcus Intalex
Title: 21
Label: Soul:R
Cat. Nr: SOULR 050D
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 20/04/2011

01. Make A Raise (ft S.P.Y & Ras Tweed) (06:28)
02. Strangeways ft Zed Bias (05:33)
03. Climbing Up The Walls (Ft Lynx & Danny Fierce) (06:00)
04. TB or Not TB? (04:46)
05. From The Ashes (06:07)
06. Hot Hands (05:30)
07. Celestial Navigation (Ft S.P.Y) (06:15)
08. Regrets (ft Riya) (05:15)
09. Wacky Races (05:11)
10. Paulista Dub (ft S.P.Y) (05:45)
11. Dusk (05:41)
12. Make Way (Ft DRS) (06:10)
13. Meltdown (Ft Calibre) (05:35)

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