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Paul SG - Smiles EP

An exclusive release from innovative Austrian upcomer Paul SG. Already with several dnb releases under his belt, along with appearances in Fabric for Good Looking, he now concentrates on his own label Jazzsticks in Vienna... but he's let this one out just for the Ambra crew.
Paul SG - Hidden Smile
Strictly for those that know, Paul SG delivers an exclusive stream of liquid consciousness, incorporating beautiful jazz pianos with a rolling hard-edged beat. Sink into the shifting backgrounds and hypnotic oldschool intelligent breaks, reminding you why you fell in love with dnb in the first place. Paul's germanic precision is evident all over this highly polished track, and he accepts no compromises on quality, so your smile won't be hidden for long.
Emery feat Neringa - Smiles (Paul SG remix)
Switching from keys to sax and back again, this dreamy tune first appeared on AMBRA001, and Paul SG now takes it to another level with a toughened up remix. Harder beats and more hectic percussion raise the vibe, without losing the subtle flow of the original. Highly tuned for in-car or club use, this is a perfectly balanced rework that you won't want to skip.
Label: Ambra Recordings
Cat.#: AW86360
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: June 2011

[04:52] 01. Paul SG - Hidden Smile
[05:21] 02. Emery - Smiles (feat Neringa - Paul SG remix)

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