quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2011

Tokyo Prose - Introducing Tokyo Prose

From New Zealand duo Tokyo Prose. Discovered very early in their careers by DJ Presha, the two Sam’s were signed to Samurai Red Seal as core artists in a long term development deal. Introducing Tokyo Prose’ brings stylish swagger and musical substance to a scene overflowing with identical bare boned rollers. Gliding between minimal ambience and deep soulful steppers, these gifted young men aptly display their knack for sample selection and unique groove building.Check:

Label: Samurai Red Seal.Check:
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: 30.05.2011
Tracks: 08

[06:00] 01. Tokyo Prose - Saving Grace
[05:40] 02. Tokyo Prose - Knucklehead
[05:53] 03. Tokyo Prose - Rose Without Rain
[04:53] 04. Tokyo Prose - LPK Sound
[07:12] 05. Tokyo Prose - All You Want
[06:04] 06. Tokyo Prose - Apogee
[05:15] 07. Tokyo Prose - Royale
[05:01] 08. Tokyo Prose - Echoes

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