domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

ICR - Such Unimportant Things Like Us (Album)

Such Unimportant Things Like Us is ICR's most mature (and probably his final) drum and bass work to date, incorporating the very essence of his love of precisious drumworks and sensual musicality. The album is built around one topic that can be easily read out from the titles: it's about love and struggle for acceptance. As with this final chapter he closes his dnb roots, a new stage is already set: To Make Right What's Left is a necessary step forward, focused on 4/4 territory and other mid-tempo genres. The trademark deep and cinematic ICR sound remains the same, but in new forms. The double album is the best way to gain insight ICR's mind and soul thru his forward-thinking music in full spectre.

Artist: ICR
Title: Such Unimportant Things Like Us
Label: Fokuz Recordings
Cat. Nr: FOKUZ2011LPP1
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 28/08/2011

01. such unimportant things like us (04:11)
02. still unloved (07:49)
03. skin shades to red (06:26)
04. until itÒs untold (05:23)
05. lost balance (05:46)
06. love, hate and between (07:25)
07. dying breed (06:46)
08. concept of time (06:35)
09. surrender to your weakness (09:23)
10. all unloved (06:10)
11. my only bad is the lack of all your good (10:49)

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