quarta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2011

Calibre - Hummer EP

Samurai Red Seal get massive props for this release, which sees four more examples of Calibre's diverse approach to the art of D&B. The title track is pure steppahs delight, rising from the ether into rigid upright syncopation until a vintage junglist bassline comes soaring in, whilst "Dogshit" is anything but, with intricately layered beats fighting through the dystopian fuzz. The music matters just as much on the final two tunes, with the slick arrangements demonstrated on "Touch Me" and "Free My Mind" bound to satisfy the old skool heads, the former in particular thanks to dazzling array of amen filled rhythms.
Artist: Calibre
Title: Hummer EP
Label: Samurai Red Seal
Cat.#: REDSEAL 012
Style: Drum And Bass
Date: August, 2011


1. Calibre - Hummer 05:58
2. Calibre - Dog Shit 05:20
3. Calibre - Touch Me 06:42
4. Calibre - Free My Mind 05:12

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