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For those who like ambient sounds, this album is fantastic, brings us into a trance and listen to each track us into a science fiction movie.

October 2011 sees the return of Unquote, Med School’s celestial navigator from Saint Petersburg. Aiming to create music which is like “hearing the sound of your soul” Unquote sails the 130-170bpm spectrum and beyond.

Carving out sonic cathedrals from ambient and melodic elements, deep basslines and lush, emotive instrumentals, we last saw Unquote late in 2010, with his poetically entitled masterpiece “Hide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven”.
Artist: Unquote
Title: Reverberation Box
Label: Med School
Cat. Nr: MEDIC25
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 24/10/2011

01. Hide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven (04:59)
02. Reverberation Box (04:38)
03. Cut Off The Past (04:41)
04. Dopamine (04:46)
05. Heavy Rain (05:10)
06. Blind Jealousy (03:17)
07. Metro Dreaming (04:34)
08. Cold Tenderness (04:44)
09. Spectacle (03:55)
10. Memories Fade Away (feat. Grimm) (06:08)
11. Lubov Moya (feat. Molecular Structures) (05:22)
12. Paint My Wings (feat. Grimm) (05:00)

CD 12 tracks , digital download 15 tracks

13. Yellow Warrior (feat. Lung)
14. Delusion (feat. Mr Sizef)
15. Grief Will Never Descend From Her Face

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