sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2011

Light Of Night - Seconds Before Parting EP

Mournful and melancholy from the off, this release from Light Of The Night is one for the liquid heads. "Rain Tears", with its rom com connotations and cinematic intro, pairs piano keys in the minor key with rattling breaks, chopped up repeated vocal and yearning instrumentals. "Feel The Difference" (feat Hit n Run) is a deeper cut with bass, horns and a sense of enormity to the emotion. The eponymous track of the EP "Seconds Before Parting" juxtaposes bursts of energy with muffled vocal utterings and "Gray Smoke" rounds things off with gurgling SFX and twinkling melodies.
Artist: VA
Title: Seconds Before Parting
Label: Liquid Brilliants
Cat. Nr: LQBDIG061EP
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 21/11/2011


01. Light Of Night - rain tears (04:30)
02. Light Of Night feat. Hitrun - feel the difference (06:39)
03. Light Of Night - seconds before parting (05:01)
04. Light Of Night - gray smoke (05:36)

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