domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Joe Nebula - Dreaming for Others

oe Nebula first released with the old skool legends Nebula2 who’s first release Séance & Atheama featured on the mighty Reinforced Records. A musical career was born and Joe had major successes throughout the Rave scene s early years dj’ing and performing Live PA’s across the country and world-wide.
After the rave years Joe set up the Volt Records with musical partner Richard McCormak (Nebula2), Paul Smith & Tony Thomas. A series of techno record labels who released over 50 records on labels Celestial Records, Red Eye, Visions and Collide Records. Other releases came on Industrial Strength (Lenny D), WAN and Juice Box (A Guy Called Gerald)
more :

Joe Nebula feat Patricia Edwards - Dreaming For Others
Joe Nebula - San one

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