domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Random Movement

US producer Random Movement makes a return to the fore with this next release on Marky's Innerground imprint. "Feeling Translated" is all ticking, tripping breaks, delicate SFX and occasional hi hat hisses. It progresses gradually with a rumble of bass and a flurry of synths, a soulful vocal coming in and out of focus, but remains for the most part a sparse, meditative piece. The accompanying "Dirt Dobber" is much more rambunctious with classic rolling breaks, pounding sub bass, chirpy guitar melody and booms of bass breaking through the chiming instrumentals. Artist: Random Movement Title: Feeling Translated, Dirt Dobber Label: Innerground Cat.#: INN047D Style: Drum and Bass Rel Date: April, 2012
Tracklist: [06:33] 01. Random Movement - Feeling Translated [06:34] 02. Random Movement - Dirt Dobber

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