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'Turn the page' marks a new beginning for Craggz and Parallel, not only in a change of name and lineup, it also showcases a new sound and direction in their work.

After the success of the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Northern Soul’ released on Valve Recordings in late 2006 the trio became a duo. Keen to create something new and innovative, they took their time to experiment and develop a new sound, a strong electronic theme began to emerge in their productions. The first 12” that encapsulated this new direction was ‘Shake the Disease/Magnetise’ released on their own Product imprint in early 2009. The decision to commence work on their second album was made, the aptly titled ‘Turn the Page’.
A unique approach to the production of the album was applied, drawing on influences from electronic music, past and present. From early Techno sounds and 80’s Synth Pop through to the myriad of contemporary dance music genres. Having worked previously with a completely software based setup Craggz and Parallel decided to combine analogue synthesis with modern production techniques. The key ingredient in this approach was the reintroduction of classic analogue synths in the recording process. This saw them jamming in the studio and recording synth lines in real time into the arrangements as they developed.

Artist: Craggz & Parallel
Title: Turn The Page
Label: Product Recordings
Released: 09-20-2010


1 Turn The Page (6:02)
2 Release (6:08)
3 Chamber (4:49)
4 No Wave Feat. Warren Dite (4:54)
5 No Wave Feat. Kasra (5:49)
6 The Sleeper (5:46)
7 Matrix 6 (1:42)
8 No Wave Feat. DRS (4:27)
9 Metroplex (6:16)
10 Mute Mix (4:33)
11 This Is Not The End (5:18)
12 Future Shock (5:58)
13 Forever (4:53)

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Pendulum - The Island (Incl Tiesto Remix)

Remix of Pendulum - The Island, with two big names Lenzman Tiesto and recommend:

Artist: Pendulum
Title: The Island (Incl Tiesto Remix)
Label: Warner UK
Cat.#: 1814594
Genre: Drum & Bass / Electro / House / Electronic
Released: 19.09.2010

01. The Island (Album Version)
02. The Island (Radio Edit)
03. The Island (Tiesto Remix)
04. The Island (Lenzman Remix)

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Podcast September

Out by hospital rec. the album "Shapeshifter New Zealand - The System Is The Remix" could not stop commenting on this album which features collaborations with Logistics, Nu Tone, State Of Mind, Camo & Krooked, B-Complex, the whole album is great was difficult to choose the songs for publishing this podcast the two selected were "lifetime (logistics_remix)" and " long white cloud (nu tone remix), another new "Will Miles - West Grace" released by Point Audio recommended to take into
hand, emphasis on "D-bridge - reversible top ft. Spacek steve" and "Maldini - Hide N Seek (Ft Kyomi)" when we speak just remember these two from Bad Company and unforgettable album "Inside the Machine" was in history, and to close
"Seba - Never let you go." 2 hours of DNB, good hearing and until the next podcast.

Dj Zigy DNB Podcast September 2010 by Dj Zigy

Download DJ Zigy podcast September 2010

01 - New Zealand Shapeshifter - lifetime (logistics_remix)
02 - Artificial intelligence - threes a crowd_(ft_dbridge)
03 - New Zealand Shapeshifter - long white cloud (nu_tone_remix)
04 - Technicolour & Komatic - Daydreamer
05 - Enei - right on
06 - Commix - Justified (SpectraSoul Remix)
07 - Enei - brick
08 - Sobersoul - to love
09 - Netsky - pirate bay
10 - Mav - god of speed
11 - Lenzman - string city
12 - Syncopix - smile
13 - Command strange - hold you in my loving
14 - Eveson - Found A Groove
15 - Mutt & Generic - Forget (feat_Kevin_King)
16 - Eveson - So Fine
17 - Mutt - Thinking feat Kevin King
18 - Mosus and spy - human value
19 - Enei - Slow Motion
20 - Kabuki - generation x (zero_t_remix)
21 - D-bridge - reversible top ft _steve spacek
22 - Mj Cole - Sincere (Logistics Remix)
23 - Brian brainstorm - el estero
24 - Edward oberon - paradise
25 - Calibre - dont want your love
26 - Will Miles - West Grace
27 - Paul B vs hardfi - i shall overcome bootleg
28 - Need for mirrors feat zero t - tilt
29 - Icicle - Time To Remember (Incident_remix)
30 - Greeley Lomax - cant wait for you feat. lomax (original_mix)
31 - Makoto and deeizm mc - untold
32 - Maldini - Hide N Seek (Ft Kyomi)
33 - Seba - Never Let You Go

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Triad's 'The Essence EP' featured as everyday
junglist's, check:
Deep Soul Music - Triad

Artist - Triad
Album Title - The Essence EP
Records Label - Deep Soul Music
Street Release Date - 07.07.2010

Track Title:

01 - Repulse
02 - The Essence
03 - Aftermath (ft. MC Fava)
04 - Distraction

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New Zealand Shapeshifter

The band known in the UK and Europe as New Zealand Shapeshifter to avoid silly people like us getting them confused with the Shapeshifters, return to Hospital with The System Is A Remix, which sees the tunes from their recent The System Is A Vampire LP remixed by some D&B royalty. Netsky, Nu:Tone and the Nextmen all contribute stellar remixes of various album tracks, but head straight for the epic Logistics reimagination of "Lifetime" for the track getting most plays in the Juno office. More essential tunes from Hospital.

Artist-New Zealand Shapeshifter
Album Title-The System Is A Remix
Records Label-Hospital
Street Release Date.......10.09.2010

Track Title:

01-Twin Galaxies (The Upbeats VIP Remix)
02-The Touch (Netsky Remix)
03-Dutchies (State Of Mind Remix)
04-Lifetime (Logistics Remix)
05-Sleepless (B-Complex Remix)
06-The Touch (Camo & Krooked Remix)
07-Long White Cloud (Nu:Tone Remix)
08-Electric Dream (State Of Mind Remix)
09-Lifetime (Truth Remix)
10-New Day Come (The Nextmen Remix)

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Clart & Paul SG

After the vinyl release a few weeks back, here is the digital release of jazzsticks, recommended:
Artist-Clart & Paul SG
Album Title-Jazz Sticks Digital 002
Records Label-Jazzsticks Digital
Street Release Date-08.09.2010

Track Title:

01-Clart & Paul SG / Rhodesomes
02-Paul SG / Sometimes

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Born in a quiet London suburb, Drifta is now one of the scene's most prolific producers, his sound remains distinctively his own and his D&B work can be recognised in an instant, as well as being heard in almost every big drum & bass club in the world.

Album Title-Karma / Hit & Miss
Records Label-Soul Aspiration
Street Release Date-06.09.2010
Total Tracks-02

Track Title:

01 - Karma
02 - Hit & Miss

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Will Miles - West Grace

Will Miles is no stranger to the drum and bass music scene. He's been doing huge things since about 2006 while apart of the duo, Style Control with partner Kjell. Fabio's Creative Source label picked up on his sound and then the rest is history.
Artist: Will Miles
Title: West Grace
Label: Point Audio
Released: 01/09/2010


1 West Grace (5:51)
2 Secret Desire (5:41)
3 Pull Me Downs (7:10)
4 Thermostat (5:11)