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Mutated Forms & Jenna G

Jenna G owns an unmistakable voice stands out once again with the song "Last time" work with Mutated forms of the album "Allsorts".
Artist: Mutated Forms, Jenna G
Title: Last Time
Label: Allsorts/Grid Recordings
Style: Drum And Bass
Date: 25 October, 2010
Tracks: 02

1. Mutated Forms, Jenna G - Last Time 05:44
2. Mutated Forms, Jenna G - With You 04:34

sábado, 30 de outubro de 2010

Label: Blue Saphir Germany

Blue Sapphire by Germany with big releases, check:
Artist: Paul SG / Blue Motion & Grimm
Title: Casanova / Burning For You
Label: Blue Saphir Germany
Date: 29/10/2010
Tracks: 2
Size: ~26,7 mb
Uploaded: Ifolder

01. Paul SG - Casanova [06:05]
02. Blue Motion & Grimm - Burning For You [05:31]

terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2010


Riya with her sweet voice, not just a pretty face of Drum & Bass, she has charmed everyone with great songs and working with super producers like Macoto, Lenzman, in his new video for the song "Seems Like", check:
Label: Autonomic
Cat.#: NOMIC002
Style: Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Downtempo
Rel Date: 2010
Tracks: 02
[05:43] 01. Riya - Seems Like
[04:36] 02. Riya - The Cycle (feat Skream)

sexta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2010

Task Horizon / Inside Info

The Austrians have done it again. Mainframe Recordings had an explosive start in 2008 aided by names such as Camo & Krooked and owner Disaszt, making it a definite label to keep an eye on. This next release brings us some new blood to match its unfaultering quality control that’s been standard from the start. Big things are coming, and there is no going back!

Task Horizon’s ‘Focused Locust’ featuring MILK67 on the A-side is a banger! sporting some funky as hell electro tempos to start with and it later morphs on up to D&B bpm’s to put the dance in a spin that’ll be hard to get out of; the Swiss combo delivers a dangerous mix of synthetic bass and cinematic fx that leave you guessing at every corner.
Subtle vocoded vox and smacking kicks drive this one home in fine fashion. Definitely one for the more fun floors who know how to smile!

On the flipside Inside Info brings us ‘Stations’, kicking off with a very atmospheric 80’s-inspired intro it soon gives way to a drop of pure peril! Then it’s time to step as the growling bass and the punchiest of drums lead the way accompanied by razor sharp synth stabs that give this a super-fresh edge, showing Inside Info to be a definite star of the future with production that’s second to none.

Plays from Friction, Shimon, DisasZt, Bassline Smith, Dirtyphonics, Body & Soul, Camo & Krooked, Futurebound, Crissy Criss, DC Breaks, Shockone, Aphrodite, DC Breaks, Phetsta and more.

Artist: Task Horizon / Inside Info
Title: Focused Locust
Label: Mainframe Austria
Style: Drum And Bass
Date: 15 October, 2010
1.Task Horizon - Focused Locust
2.Inside Info - Stations

segunda-feira, 18 de outubro de 2010

Dj Zigy Podcast October 2010

Podcast of October with great music, went out the remix of the Metalheadz Commix - Belleview (reviewed dbridge belle remix) album Re: Call To Mind, consisting of remixes in Drum n Bass, Dubstep, House, Techno, another remix that was very different Original"DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Decimal Bass & D Side Remix)". Craggz Parallel and released the wonderful album "Turn the Page" by "Product Recordings", which detail all the songs are great here will give you "Craggz and Parallel - Turn The Page." Netsky is on the global stage after releasing the excellent album "Netsky" and numerous remixes released, highlighted in this podcast for "Plan b - the recluse (Netsky remix)". Jenna G owns an unmistakable voice stands out once again with the song "Last time" work with Mutated forms of the album "Allsorts". That's very personal for DNB unconditional lovers until the next podcast.

Dj Zigy Podcast October 2010- by Dj Zigy

01 - Paul B - First Picture (orig. vocals by N.Grandjean)
02 - Random Movement - Yeah, Thats It
03 - Triad - aftermath (feat mc fava)
04 - Commix - belleview (dbridge belle reviewed remix)
05 - Triad - the essence
06 - Alex reece - pulp fiction (lynx 2010 edit)
07 - Seba - Pressure Point
08 - DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Decimal Bass & D Side Remix)
09 - SPY - Eclipse
10 - Anile - induction
11 - Marky & S.P.Y - Mystic Sunset
12 - Alix Perez - Behind Time - Shogun Audio
13 - Eastcolors - Hard Rock Cafe
14 - Craggz and parallel-turn the page
15 - Alix Perez Ft Foreign Beggars - Dark Days
16 - Logistics - Jungle Music
17 - Will_Miles - Thermostat
18 - Xample - Link To The Past
19 - Cyantific - 88 Mph
20 - Crissy Criss and Youngman - turn it up
21 - Enei - Z Grab VIP
22 - Total Science - Archive
23 - Paul SG ft. Pouyah - Road to Freedom
24 - Dan Marshall - Smoke And Mirrors(Random Movement Remix)
25 - Artificial intelligence - let it be (feat steo)
26 - BCee - Real people VIP
27 - Logistics - Machine
28 - Plan b - the recluse (netsky remix)
29 - J Majik & Wickaman - Rage
30 - Pendulum - the island lenzman remix
31 - Fourward-white_noise_down
32 - Mutated forms-last time (feat jenna g)
33 - BCee - Guilty
34 - DJ Die & Interface (Feat.William Cartwright) Bright Lights (Lenzman Remix)
35 - Lenzman ft jo s - Coincidence
36 - Anile & Gremlinz - Stand Alone
37 - Friction vs Camo & Krooked - Stand Up (feat. Dynamite MC)
38 - Magnetic man - i need air (digital soundboy remix)
39 - Cue - break the enemy
40 - Survival - believe

Camo & Krooked

Artist: Camo & Krooked
Title: Can't Get Enough / Without You
Label: Breakbeat Kaos
Release Date: 18-10-2010


1. Can't get enough (5:18)
2. Without you (5:33)

segunda-feira, 11 de outubro de 2010

Bassjam Show 138 – Dj Zigy

New works BASSJAM SHOW 138, website dedicated to DNB in spain, see comments:
"Nuevo podcast por Dj Zigy desde Brasil. Drum & bass vibes con mucho rolling y una selección que repasa las últimas novedades. Enjoy! " , nore details :

Dbridge - Hold On (Dwele Bootleg)
Mutt Feat. Kevin King - Things Have Changed DOWN
Lenzman - Masquerade
Calculon Ft. Kelly Dean - Premonition Stunna Remix
Commix - Painted Smile
Technicolour & Komatic - Daydreamer
Mutt & Generic - Forget (Feat Kevin King)
Spectrasoul - Glimpse (Feat. Dbridge)
Noisia - Playing Games
Phil Tangent - Billies Smile
Akira - Steppin Stones
Acoustiks - World We're Livin' In
Mage - If I Could
Mutt Paul Sg Blue Motion Feat Msdos - Methany
Mosus And S.P.Y. - Hundreds

Digital & Morphy

Deep and deadly halfstep D'n'B from master craftsman, Digital. It makes a refreshing change from the techy electroid mandate of recent Exit releases, giving a dub rooted stance reinforced with his innately efficient production principles. 'Weathermen' finds a shoulder-rolling step-flex with billowing dread subs and skittering drums punctuated with pointillist snares. With Morphy on the flip they investigate a melodica-haunted dread vibe with militant halfstep snare rolls and lashings of echo chamber FX. RUDE!
artist - Digital & Morphy
title - Weatherman / Shanty
record label - Exit EXIT023
release date 2010/08/28

t r a c k l i s t i n g:
A 6:03 Digital - Weatherman
B 6:07 Digital & Morphy - Shanty

sábado, 9 de outubro de 2010

Stand Up and Life Cycle

Artist: Friction vs Camo & Krooked feat. Dynamite MC
Title: Stand Up and Life Cycle
Label: Shogun Audio Recordings

Tracklist :

01. Friction vs Camo & Krooked - Stand Up (feat. Dynamite MC)
02. Friction - Life Cycle

quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

DJ Andy C wins documentary

Andrew John Clarke or Andy C is a legend of Drum & Bass world. The UK DJ began his career in the '90s, is co-founder of record label RAM Records was considered the best DJ Drum & Bass several times and is also the DJ of D & B better placed in the Top 100 DJ MAG .The documentary was produced by Handlebar Films, which released last week the trailer down. It's worth checking out:

sábado, 2 de outubro de 2010

DJ Zigy - DJ SIDE Live TV - 30/09

01 - Phil_tangent-billies_smile-sour
02 - Akira_Steppin Stones
03 - Makoto + T-AK - Climber's High
04 - Makoto and deeizm mc - untold
05 - Calculon_ft._kelly_dean-premonition_(stunna_remix)
06 - Lenzman-string city (original_mix)
07 - Anile - induction
08 - Alix Perez - Behind Time - Shogun Audio
09 - Will_Miles - Thermostat
10 - Xample - Link To The Past
11 - Cyantific - 88 Mph
12 - Enei - Z Grab VIP
13 - A Sides-synthessed_(ft._maaya_ota)
14 - Craggz_and_parallel- turn the page
15 - Alix Perez Ft Foreign Beggars - Dark Days
16 - Logistics - Jungle Music
17 - S.P.Y-Loneliness_(feat_Riya)
18 - Alix Perez - Behind Time

Makoto & Deeizm “Release The Bird EP”

Out 25th Oct 2010 at Beatport, iTunes,Drum’n’Bass Arena, Juno, HE:Download Store and many more.

“Release The Bird EP” is a collection of 4 smashing soulful tunes from Japan’s finest Drum and Bass export Makoto and his partner in sublime, Deeizm.

01. Release The Bird: Flying high with a sharp Amen break, this track soars to intoxicating heights, and never lets you come down. Makoto’s piano riff flies in formation with Deeizm’s smooth and powerful chorus to create some true liquid splendour.

02. Stop: Featured on the DJ Marky & Friends Presents Makoto mix album on Innerground Records, “Stop” is a perfect example of a new electric soul vibe. With a bouncing bassline, vocoder vocals and a head nodding breakbeat, the tune’s main riff is bound to give you goose bumps while you move your feet.

03. Untold: Itʼs a smashing soulful tune, blending hard hitting drum and bass beats with soulful rhodes and sweet, sultry vocals, “Untold” tells a sombre yet hopeful story that many can relate to. While the track has been gaining accolades on dance floors since its completion, its also sending out Makoto’s wider message for lovers of good music everywhere.

04. Can’t Hold It Back : A landmark tune from Makoto and Deeizm, “Can’t Hold It Back” is the first official downtempo track ever released by the duo. Combining ultra funky drums, live guitar licks, mesmerizing chords and sweet soulful vocals, the track is truly a joy to listen to from start to finish.

Makoto & Deeizm - Release The Bird EP by Makoto-Humanelements