segunda-feira, 29 de novembro de 2010

Derrick & Tonika

Label: Camino Blue Recordings
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: 2010

[05:41] 01. Derrick & Tonika - Mokhito
[06:04] 02. Derrick & Tonika - Crystal Forms

sábado, 27 de novembro de 2010

Break - Resistance

Label: Symmetry Recordings
Cat.#: SYMMCD002
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date:29/nov/2010
New album from the producer of Bristol 'Charlie Bierman' on your label Symmetry Recordings. Its 'future funk' D & B has become increasingly refined in the album 'Resistance' (see track 5. Break - Everything Counts), 'All that's left' crushes everything in its traditional blend in previous tracks.
Very good.

[05:41] 01. Break - Don't Look Down (feat Calyx and Teebee)
[04:12] 02. Break - Hold On (feat Kyo)
[04:05] 03. Break - All That's Left
[02:43] 04. Break - Scanner Dub (feat Kyo)
[06:21] 05. Break - Martyr (feat Spectrasoul)
[04:06] 06. Break - Too Much
[05:56] 07. Break - Slow Down (feat Die)
[04:40] 08. Break - Salvage (feat Nico)
[03:44] 09. Break - Between The Lines (feat SP:MC)
[05:10] 10. Break - Conference Call (feat Silent Witness and Survival)
[05:31] 11. Break - Recycler
[03:20] 12. Break - Heal Me
[04:54] 13. Break - Time After Time
[03:26] 14. Break - The Only Way
[04:31] 15. Break - Hold On (feat Kyo - Club Mix)
[05:27] 16. Break - Everything Counts

quarta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2010

Atlantic Connection - Loved You In December EP

By Los Angeles - US, Atlantic Connection drops release check EP

Artist: Atlantic Connection
Title: Loved You In December EP
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 29-11-2010

01. Feel The Love (feat Armanni Reign & Shannon Swain) - (05:39)
02. Rockdub (feat Killa D) - (04:15)
03. 1979 - (06:02)
04. Close 2 Mine - (06:20)

terça-feira, 23 de novembro de 2010

Siren - Broken Silence

Recomended :
Artist: Siren
Title: Broken Silence
Label: Siren UK
Style: Drum And Bass
Date: 22 November, 2010

1. Siren - Broken Silence 5:34
2. Siren - Throw Light 5:14
3. Siren - Gumball Rally 5:44
4. Siren - Ghostrider 6:47
5. Siren - Snorkel 5:57
6. Siren - Rollers Convention 6:05
7. Siren - Squadron 6:01
8. Siren - Control 6:05
9. Siren - Soulsearcher 5:18
10. Siren - Back To Life 5:59
11. Siren - Album Mixtape (continuous mix) 44:25

segunda-feira, 22 de novembro de 2010

Dj Zigy Podcast November 2010

Welcome to Dj Zigy Podcast, this month we have great releases. Start talking about the "CALIBRE - EVEN IF" this album wonderful with beautiful songs released by Signature in November, you can see in this Podcast: "open your eyes", "Broken" and "even if". Among the Brazilians : "Spy - by your side(logistics remix)" and "Crytical dub feat level 2 - touch the sky" part of this set of large production. For DNB lovers, 2 hours and 39 music from the best of Drum and Bass, see at next Dj Zigy Podcasts.

Dj Zigy PodcastNovember - DOWNLOAD :

terça-feira, 16 de novembro de 2010

Mutated Forms

Hot on the heels of their summertime anthem with Jenna G ‘Last Time’, Mutated Forms completely flip the script and show their downright dark and angry side for this single on Grid. Both tracks have received massive support across all of the specialist shows on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra with repeat plays from Bailey, Grooverider, Crissy Criss and Fabio, and out in clubland these tracks have had the seal of approval from DJ’s including Goldie and DJ Hype.

Label: Grid Recordings
Cat.#: GRIDUK040DD
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: 15 November, 2010
[05:34] 01/3. Mutated Forms - Doubts
[05:10] 02/3. Mutated Forms - Ready When You Are VIP
[04:56] 03/3. Mutated Forms - Shapes & Colours

domingo, 14 de novembro de 2010

Calibre - Even If

Calibre has a new drum & bass album ready to drop on his Signature imprint. Entitled Even If, it's getting released on November 15th as 3 x 12" and CD shrink wrapped together (which means no separate CD will be available) and digitally from all the usual download stores. Here's what Calibre has to say about it:

"Ok so this is my seventh album, it doesn't feel like it but I don't know what should... the last dnb album I wrote from the ground up was Overflow, so in between I released Shelflife 2, a compilation of unreleased tracks, and Shine A Light, my weird departure from everything.

"With Even If I was back on familiar ground. I employed my voice a few times, got emotional, forgot everything and turned the tempo up. I'm always looking for the songwriter slant in dnb, to feel the blues in my music is important to me, it is a raw connection I never get tired of looking for. And to sing it means a lot to me.

"I've tried to cover my own long standing interests in a musical genre that was supposed to have died a long time ago. And so here it is, a collection of tunes I've put together for the purpose of moving some part of you that's the same part of me."

Artist: Calibre
Title: Even If
Label: Signature
Cat.#: SIGLP 006
Style: Drum And Bass
Date: 15 November, 2010

12″ Vinyl x 3

a Calibre – Even If
b Calibre – Rose
c Calibre – Open Your Eyes
d Calibre – Acid Hands
e Calibre – Thirst Dub
f Calibre – Gone Away


1 Calibre – All You Got
2 Calibre – Even If
3 Calibre – Rose
4 Calibre – Broken
5 Calibre – Thirst Dub
6 Calibre – Me Myself And I
7 Calibre – Steptoe
8 Calibre – Open Your Eyes
9 Calibre – Acid Hands
10 Calibre – Section Dub
11 Calibre – Gone Away
12 Calibre – No Reply
13 Calibre – Manchester Nights

B Cloud

Aerial Vibes was started in 2010 by Belarussian drum and bass producer B cloud. Aerial Vibes concentrates on forward-thinking drum'n'bass & same bass music genres. The aim of the label is to exhibit creative spiritual side of modern drum'n'bass and to reveal how the line between music genres can blur.

Artist: B Cloud
Title: Freedom / Wings of Life
Label: Aerial Vibes
Cat.#: AERIAL 003
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 02.11.2010

01. Freedom - (06:47)
02. Wings Of Life - (06:45)

sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

White Glues EP

Artist: V.A.
Title: White Glues EP
Label: Trust In Music
Cat.#: TRIM018D
Genre: Drum & Bass


01. NSL - History Of The Samurai 5:22
02. Polarity - Hellboy 6:35
03. Drumhead - Brainstorm (Outside) 7:00
04. Melamin - Soldierz 7:35
05. Qo - System Shock 7:06
06. Polarity - Impulse 6:24
07. Gargaj - Rude Awakening (Drumhead remix) 5:28
08. Defazed - Withdrawal 7:11

Logistics - Spacejams (Album)

November 15th sees the CD + Digital release of "Space Jams" by Logistics.

One of the most prolific artists on hospital releasing over 90 tunes since signing in 2004. This collection contains the highpoints of his Hospital output so far. Together, Blackout, Inside My Soul and The Trip, all anthems on the dancefloor, now make their way onto a full length release for fans new and old. There are also 2 stunning collabs with London Elektricity and Cyantific plus more recent smashers like the Future sound of Cambridge classic ?Cosmonaut?.

Space Jams is out on November 15th.

Artist: Logistics
Title: Spacejams (Album)
Label: Hospital Records
Cat.#: NHS178DD


Logistics - Together (5:57)
Logistics - Spacejam (6:05)
Logistics - Kaleidoscope (6:01)
Logistics - Inside My Soul (6:18)
Logistics - The Trip (5:35)
Logistics - West Country (5:56)
Logistics & London Elektricity - Search Engine (5:14)
Logistics & Cyantific - Flashback (5:20)
Logistics - Blackout (6:39)
Logistics - Krusty Bass Rinser (5:59)
Logistics - Never Ending Story (4:53)
Logistics - Cosmonaut (4:55)
Logistics - Ram Raid (4:29)
Logistics - Winter Blues VIP (4:56)
Logistics & Illskillz - Notes From The Block (5:16)
Logistics - Weezer (5:15)
Logistics - Colour Wheel (Friction+K-Tee VIP) (5:35)
Logistics - Damage Control (5:24)
Logistics - Alive (6:46)
Logistics - Spectrum (4:32)

quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

Furlonge - This Love

From one of the rising stars of the Viper Recordings crew, ‘This Love’ is already proving to be a breakthrough release for hugely talented DJ and producer, Furlonge. Early releases such as ‘Drifter’ (alongside Brookes Brothers) which featured on the flip to ‘Tear You Down’ on Breakbeat Kaos, and ‘High Commission / It's Cruel’ on Viper VIP marked Furlonge out as a newcomer with undoubted talent. However, it was last years ‘Task Master’ (taken from the Viper album ‘Acts Of Mad Men’ - Radio 1 album of the week) which brought him to the attention of the masses with Zane Lowe and Annie Mac both hammering the track on Radio 1.

Fast forward to 2010 and Furlonge kicked off the year with ‘Sin Bin’, featuring on the huge ‘Viper Recordings Presents: Drum & Bass Summer Slammers 2010’ album. This is now to be followed up with the release of undoubtedly his biggest track to date,
Label: Viper Recordings
Cat.#: VPR030
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: 2010
[05:53] 01/3. Furlonge feat. Katie Alley - This Love
[05:42] 02/3. Furlonge - Duel
[04:51] 03/3. Furlonge feat. Katie Alley - This Love (Interface Remix)