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Dj ZIGY Special Edition 2 @ Techno 2011

Special edition 2 appeared around requests from friends, who do not know at the beginning of my career professionally as a DJ was playing techno in small parties of friends and then came the Jungle, I surrendered Drum n Bass to that style in which I play until today, and was so the idea of ​​making set's special, as usual with the podcast's from DnB this also has a 2 hour set with the news through the techno tech house. Contact: forfundjagengy@gmail.com

Dj ZIGY Special Edition 2 @ Techno 2011.mp3

01 - Pierre Deutschmann - Whore Couture (Original Mix)
02 - Tiesto_feat._nelly_furtado - who wants to be alone (david tort remix)
03 - Yuriy_from_russia - i dont mind
04 - Jerome Robins, Zoltan Kontes - Regnum Iberia - Original Mix
05 - Angel Moraes, Paolo Mojo - Welcome To The Factory - Original Mix
06 - Ian pooley - give you up (original_mix)
07 - Jerome Robins, Zoltan Kontes - Pump It - Jerome Robins Detroit 313 Mix
08 - Alessio Mereu - Pandemy - Original Mix
09 - John Creamer, Stephane K - Forget The World - Zoltan Kontes & Jerome Robins Mix
10 - Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy - Workroom (Original Mix)
11 - Tiesto sneaky sound system - i will be here (benny benassi dub remix)
12 - Pan pot - captain my captain
13 - Ruede_hagelstein - emergency (super flu s gentle dental nurse remix)
14 - Format b - gospel (original)
15 - Den ishu - expand your mind (johannes heils mind blowing remix)
16 - Pizeta - Quandolaonda (Original Mix)
17 - Cheise - Snoopy (Original Mix)
18 - Juan Ddd & Johan Dresser - Pokus Lokus (Original Mix)
19 - Vladimir Acic & Vladan Ostojic - Party (Original Mix)
20 - D-Low - Root (Original Mix)
21 - Wassabi vs. Vogue - Need U (Original Mix)
22 - Chris Soul - Get On Up (Original Mix)
23 - Ramon Zenker, Harada - Nachtwild (Original Mix)
24 - Da Fresh - Sleazy Place (Original Mix)
25 - Gennaro Mastrantonio - Deep Revelry (Original Mix)
26 - David Keno, Jaxson - Brandy (Original Mix)
27 - Mucky Pups (aka M.in & Jonas) - What Makes You Happy (feat. Nick Maurer - Original Mix)
28 - Toni Rios - Into Your Eyes (Original Mix)

sábado, 26 de março de 2011


Available NOW as pre-order. All pre-orders will be dispatched on release date 4th April.
Label: Shogun Audio
Cat.#: SHA042
Genre: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: 2011

[06:07] 01. SpectraSoul - Lost Disciple
[05:18] 02. SpectraSoul - Reminiscence

sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2011

London Elektricity

Artist: London Elektricity
Title: Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm
Label: Hospital
Cat.#: NHS 185DD
Style: Drum And Bass
Date: 1 April, 2011

1. London Elektricity - Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm 03:30
2. London Elektricity - The Plan That Cannot Fail 06:11

Paul SG & Jay Rome


Jump in the car and take a blissful ride down Ocean Drive. Beautifully composed and undoubtedly exquisite, lush vocal pads lace this upbeat, driven number. The intro crescendos into a lovely drop, re-accenting the initial elements and adding a bit more of a punch. Multi-layered vocals are always welcome in these chilled out numbers. A slight break lets the glory of Paul SG and Jay Rome shine through before the second drop hits. Rolling pass pounds this one straight to the floor!


Sounds like the Funky Drummer has come to town on this one. After breezing through a light, flute-infused intro, pads creep their way in and the music starts to roll! Deep sub-bass wobbles shoot straight to the bins while the jazz ensemble penetrates through rolling drums. The saxes make their way to the front to make you feel like you’re in school all over again. Listen to the dialogue at the mid-point. The speaker will tell you all about the things you need to know. Half-time steppin’ makes way to an abrupt halt… and the DROP! Wicked rollin’ goodness on this!
Artist: Paul SG & Jay Rome

Title: Ocean Drive / Caramel Town
Label: Blu Saphir
Cat.#: DIGIBLUS012
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 25-03-2011

01. Ocean Drive - (06:24)
02. Caramel Town - (06:26)

Jebar - Old Navy EP

Jabar is the owner of this label and he is an excellent producer to. If you’re lover of liquid drum and bass, i suggest you check out this EP, as well as the other releases. So, enjoy in quality music.

Label: Liquid Brilliants
Cat.#: LQBDIG040EP
Genre: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: 2011

[05:52] 01. Jebar - Flute Tune
[05:50] 02. Jebar - Summer Morning
[05:20] 03. Jebar - Old Navy (feat Dk Foyer)
[04:04] 04. Jebar - Feel Desire

quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011

Futurebound vs Metrik

With Futurebound bringing the/p experience of years of smashing dancefloors and his trademark ultra sharp production and bassline inflected soul and Metrik brining his own devastating style of old school vibes with new 2011 futuristic beats, this is a classic collaboration from the Viper Recordings don and the young prodigy. This one's a banger; let’s hope it’s not the last time these two hit the studio together
Artist: Futurebound vs Metrik
Title: Brave New World / Sabotage
Label: Viper Recordings
Cat.#: VPR 035
Genre: Drum and Bass
Released: 24.03.2011

01. Brave New World - (04:48)
02. Sabotage - (04:24)


Label: Empathy Recordings
Cat.#: EMPD021
Genre: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: 2011

[06:26] 01. Eavesdrop - Air On Fire
[05:32] 02. Eavesdrop - Solitary Confinement (feat Benson & Willie C)
[07:04] 03. Eavesdrop - Eastern Wind
[05:14] 04. Eavesdrop - Secret Soul

sábado, 19 de março de 2011

DJ Marky – Fabric55

The promotional video could not settle for less and look great

Escape the cold with FABRICLIVE 55: DJ Marky from Fabric London on Vimeo.

sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2011

Sub Zero

rtist: Sub Zero
Title: Poon / Brighter Days
Label: Playaz
Cat.#: PLAYAZ 015
Genre: Drum and Bass
Released: 18.03.2011

01. Poon - (04:28)
02. Brighter Days - (05:17)

quarta-feira, 16 de março de 2011


XAMPLE & Lomax have worked together very successfully and have provided in the new joint pseudonym Loadstar in 2010 for some great successes of the Drum & Bass Floor of the world. The new single, "Space Between" ( on March 28, Ram Records) is another teaser for their debut album, which is to appear during the year.

terça-feira, 15 de março de 2011

Blue Motion, Unquote, Mr Sizef - Covered By Dust EP

Artist: Blue Motion, Unquote, Mr Sizef
Title: Covered By Dust EP
Label: Influenza Media UK
Cat.#: INMIN 002
Genre: Drum and Bass
Released: 14.03.2011

01. Blue Motion & Unquote - Covered By The Dust (06:30)
02. Mr Sizef - 170 Steps Of Loneliness (05:13)
03. Mr Sizef - Lily Is A Flower Which Is Giving Rise To Love (05:23)
04. Unquote - We Breathe Yoghurt Lying On A Strawberry Bed (04:35)

sábado, 12 de março de 2011

Blocks and Escher

Artist: Blocks and Escher
Title: Shadow Play
Label: Digital Soundboy
Cat.#: SBOY 038
Genre: Drum and Bass
Released: 11.03.2011

01. Shadow Play (05:38)
02. Miller (05:21)

quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2011


From Brazil to World, the first release on the label LIQ Recordings LIQUID GOLD EP is signed by producers and DJ Mjazzy Chap.
The six tracks of LIQUID GOLD explore many samples of soul, jazz and r & b soulful but at the same time with very serious and groove!

Artist: Mjazzy & Chap
Label: LIQ.REC
Cat.#: LIQ.REC 001
Rel Date: 2011

1 - MJazzy & Dj Chap - Love
2 - Dj Chap -Transmiiions
3 - Dj Chap -So Sad
4 - MJazzy & Dj Chap - Baby
5 - Dj Chap -You on me
6 - MJazzy -Justice

domingo, 6 de março de 2011

Erbman Hustlin & Digital Organix - Set An Example EP

Artist: Erbman Hustlin & Digital Organix
Title: Set An Example EP
Label: JungleXpeditions Canada
Cat.#: JXDEHSAE001
Rel Date: 17-01-2011


1 Set An Example 05:53
2 Juss A Dubwise Thing 07:04
3 The Learning 06:46
4 Ready To Go 06:00

sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011

Mjt & Wreckage Machinery

Artist: Mjt & Wreckage Machinery
Title: Basswerk Files #047 Lifelines EP
Label: Basswerk Files Germany
Cat. Nr: BWF#047
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 04/03/2011

01. Colours (06:46)
02. Vintage (06:18)
03. Lifelines (06:40)
04. Barely Legal (05:32)
05. November (05:42)
06. Colours (First Take bonus version) (06:42)

quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2011

DJ Marky & Makoto

Artist: DJ Marky & Makoto
Title: Aquarius / Good Old Days
Label: Innerground
Cat.#: INN 038DB
Genre: Drum and Bass
Released: 03.03.2011

01. DJ Marky & Makoto - "Aquarius" (feat Deeizm) - (05:39)
02. Makoto - "Good Old Days" - (07:09)