segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

Serial Killaz

Artist: Serial Killaz
Title: Send Dem / Authentic
Label: Titan
Cat. Nr: TITAN002
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 26/09/2011

01. Send Dem (05:29)
02. Authentic (05:09)

terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011


Label: Metalheadz
Cat.#: METH097
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: 19 September, 2011

[05:00] 01. Rido - Twisted Feat Thomas Oliver
[05:07] 02. Rido - Core

domingo, 18 de setembro de 2011

Forthcoming DNBB Recordings

After three successful albums, DNBB Recordings has the support of all labels and DJ's Brazilian towards a single goal : DRUM 'N' BASS!
Preparing another big release with Brazilian artists of the current scene
Artist: Varios
Title: ??
Label: DNBB Recordings
Future releases:
Brunno Junglist - Parents
nCamargo - You Try
Critycal Dub - Roots Culture
DuoScience - Mono Match

Brunno Junglist - Parents (Forthcoming DNBB Recordings) by DNBB Recordings
nCamargo - You Try (Forthcoming DNBB Recordings) by DNBB Recordings
Critycal Dub - Roots Culture (Forthcoming DNBB Recordings) by DNBB Recordings
DuoScience - Mono Match (Forthcoming DNBB Recordings) by DNBB Recordings

Autumn Brilliants

Label that always surprises me with their releases, run to acquire your.

Label: Liquid Brilliants
Cat.#: LQBDIG055LP
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: September, 2011

[05:39] 01. Zero Gravity - Summer Evenings Breeze
[06:46] 02. Kasper - Every Sunrise
[04:56] 03. Bank - Top Brass
[05:35] 04. nCamargo - Lucid Dreams
[06:01] 05. Exper1menT - Is The Just A Illusion
[05:46] 06. Light Of Night - Don't Forget Me
[05:37] 07. Ji Ben Gong - Think About It (feat. Ndea Davenport)
[06:08] 08. Integration Now - Flow
[04:52] 09. Light Of Night - It's Time To Change
[05:56] 10. Zero Gravity - Tribute
[05:15] 11. Majestics - Always With You
[05:58] 12. Everest & Dead Cosmonaut - Waverider

Genesis EP Part 3

Metalheadz keep the quality coming with yet another all-conquering release for 2011. The third instalment of their ‘Genesis’ EP series, this latest batch of four tracks from the legendary label all act as perfect modern-day interpretations of the unmistakable Metalheadz sound.
Label: Metalheadz
Cat.#: METH096
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: September, 2011

Metalheadz Presents The Genesis EP Part 3 by Metalheadz

sábado, 17 de setembro de 2011

Need For Mirrors

Artist: Need For Mirrors
Title: Alabama / Erotic Relapse
Label: Zoltar
Cat. Nr: ZOLTAR001
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 08/08/2011

01. Alabama (06:24)
02. Erotic Relapse (06:28)

quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011

Scenic & Advisory - Paradigm Shift (Album)

Scenic & Advisorys debut album Paradigm shift is available on a 12 track limited edition cd.Check:
Artist: Scenic & Advisory
Title: Paradigm Shift
Label: Offworld Recordings
Cat.#: OFFWORLD014
Style: Drum And Bass
Date Released: 12 September, 2011


1. Moving Deeper (Original Mix) (7:04)
2. How Long (Original Mix) (5:35)
3. Natural Progression (Original Mix) (7:28)
4. Paradigm Shift (Original Mix) (6:59)
5. Never Forgot (Original Mix) (7:03)
6. Drift Out (Original Mix) (7:22)
7. Altered States (Original Mix) (5:36)
8. Rising (Original Mix) (5:13)
9. True To Form (Original Mix) (6:15)
10.New Life (Original Mix) (6:20)
11.Just For You (Original Mix) (6:41)
12.Mexican Man (Original Mix) (6:17)

quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2011

Dj Zigy 24/09 @ TOGETHER For Drum And Bass !

6th edition for TOGETHER For Drum And Bass! guest DJ Zigy.
_ZIGY_(special guest)

_MC DB _

Woman R$ 5,00 até 00:00 Hrs after R$ 10,00
Man R$15,00 C/List or Flyer or door R$ 20,00



LOCAL: QUARKCLUB: Rua Antonio de barros, 576 - Metrô Carrão

terça-feira, 13 de setembro de 2011

Schematic - Mellifluous EP

Schematic steps up with a beautiful four tracker on Liquid Brilliants. Evocatively entitled the Mellifluous EP, first track "Wherever I Am" is a flurry of flutes, ticking breaks and floaty, dream-like atmospherics. And so the tone is set for the rest of the EP. "Memory", a slightly edgier piece, with rolling beats, murmuring bass and bongo pattering steps things up, before "Curves", a punchier, vocal-led beast kicks in with rough drums and grumbling subs. Rounding things off, we return to where we started from with "I'm Losin You", a strumming, sonorous liquid roller with gentle, lilting rhythms aplenty. Lovely.
Artist: Schematic
Title: Mellifluous EP
Label: Liquid Brilliants
Cat.#: LQBDIG052EP
Style: Drum And Bass
Date Released: 2011-08-29


1. Wherever I Am (6:48)
2. Memory (6:17)
3. Curves (6:10)
4. Im Losin You (6:10)

Four Eons EP

Artist: Decon, Plain Dialogue, SoulTec & MSDOS, Steez
Title: Four Eons EP
Label: Phuzion Digital
Cat.#: PZD006
Style: Drum And Bass
Date Released: 12 September, 2011


1. SoulTec & MSDOS - Sunday Club (6:20)
2. Decon - Early Memories (7:40)
3. Plain Dialogue - El Bungalow (6:31)
4. Steez - In The Delirium (6:44)

State Of Mind

Founded in 2004, State of Mind is the Drum and Bass duo from New Zealand of Patrick Hawkins and Stu Maxwell, brings another great job. Check:
Artist: State Of Mind
Title: Dead In Detroit / Frankenfunk
Label: Project 51
Cat.#: P51UK23
Style: Drum And Bass
Date: 12-09-2011

01.Dead In Detroit 5:22
02.Frankenfunk 5:48

Brazilian Brilliants 2 EP

Undoubtedly one of the best EP ever released in 2011, I love this label, check:
Artist: Mayforms
Title: Brazilian Brilliants 2 EP
Label: Liquid Brilliants
Cat.#: LQBDIG053EP
Style: Drum And Bass
Date Released: 2011

1. Mayforms - Make The Music (5:52)
2. Mayforms - Love Hangover (5:10)
3. Mayforms - So In Love (5:32)
4. Mayforms & Bass Division - Summer Breeze (5:57)

sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

Muwookie - Knowing

Muwookie, Bristol, United Kingdom , not be different whith "Knowing".

Released by: LuvDisaster Records
Release/catalogue number: LUV034
Release date: Sep 22, 2011

Muwookie - Knowing - LUV034 by LuvDisaster Records

Bungle - Memories

Another big release, "Bungle - Memories," without a doubt one of the best releases September 2011, check:

Artist: Bungle
Title: Memories
Label: Spearhead
Cat.#: SPEAR039DG
Style: Drum And Bass
Date Released: 2011-09-05
Bungle - Memories LP by spearheadrecords

1. Dont Look Back (5:21)
2. The Siren (6:02)
3. Numbers (7:04)
4. Memories (3:17)
5. Blue (5:57)
6. Constant Clear (5:35)
7. Outsider (5:09)
8. Tears (6:20)
9. Waiting (6:10)
10.Forgotton (4:49)

Rido & Hybris - The Prague Connection EP

Wonderful EP released on Metalheadz, great work done by Rido & Hubris, grab your.

[04:38] 01. Rido - Focus
[05:31] 02. Rido & Hybris - First Contact
[06:03] 03. Hybris - Please Exist
[05:08] 04. Rido & Hybris - Memento

quarta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2011

Calibre - Hummer EP

Samurai Red Seal get massive props for this release, which sees four more examples of Calibre's diverse approach to the art of D&B. The title track is pure steppahs delight, rising from the ether into rigid upright syncopation until a vintage junglist bassline comes soaring in, whilst "Dogshit" is anything but, with intricately layered beats fighting through the dystopian fuzz. The music matters just as much on the final two tunes, with the slick arrangements demonstrated on "Touch Me" and "Free My Mind" bound to satisfy the old skool heads, the former in particular thanks to dazzling array of amen filled rhythms.
Artist: Calibre
Title: Hummer EP
Label: Samurai Red Seal
Cat.#: REDSEAL 012
Style: Drum And Bass
Date: August, 2011


1. Calibre - Hummer 05:58
2. Calibre - Dog Shit 05:20
3. Calibre - Touch Me 06:42
4. Calibre - Free My Mind 05:12

sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2011

Project Turbulência @ Bass Your Mind 04/09/2011

Tango Tango Music Bar
São Paulo, Brazil

1ª Edition on Decks:

DJ United Soul (Upgrade) BDay
DJ Control (Residente)
DJ Déco (Residente)
DJ Rubens Lima (Residente) BDay

+ Special Guest

DJ Zigy - Next Level