sábado, 26 de novembro de 2011

New Life - Drum & Bass Brasil

Names known for great productions, another great release of DNBB Recs.Check:
Catalog: DNBB005 VA
Release date: 12/15/2011
[DNBB005] New Life - Drum & Bass Brasil by DNBB Recordings

Zenith B - The Love I Feel For You [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Producer of Switzerland Zenith B launches free to download music "The Love I Feel For You" by Brazilian label DNBB recs, check:

Artist ............... V/A
Album ................ Master Series
Label ................ DNBB Recordings
Catalogue number ..... DNBB004.4
Genre ................ Electronic
Sub Genre I .......... Drum 'n' Bass
Source ............... Digital Download
Number of tracks ..... 04/??
Released ............. 26-11-2011
Country .............. Brazil
Copyright ............ Creative Commons License
Version .............. MPEG-1 Layer 3
Quality .............. 320 kbps
Channel Mode ......... 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Tags ................. Basic Info, Artwork
Included ............. .MP3, .JPG, Link
Covers ............... Cover Front
[DNBB004.4] Zenith B - The Love I Feel For You [FREE DOWNLOAD in Description] by DNBB Recordings

sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2011

Light Of Night - Seconds Before Parting EP

Mournful and melancholy from the off, this release from Light Of The Night is one for the liquid heads. "Rain Tears", with its rom com connotations and cinematic intro, pairs piano keys in the minor key with rattling breaks, chopped up repeated vocal and yearning instrumentals. "Feel The Difference" (feat Hit n Run) is a deeper cut with bass, horns and a sense of enormity to the emotion. The eponymous track of the EP "Seconds Before Parting" juxtaposes bursts of energy with muffled vocal utterings and "Gray Smoke" rounds things off with gurgling SFX and twinkling melodies.
Artist: VA
Title: Seconds Before Parting
Label: Liquid Brilliants
Cat. Nr: LQBDIG061EP
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 21/11/2011


01. Light Of Night - rain tears (04:30)
02. Light Of Night feat. Hitrun - feel the difference (06:39)
03. Light Of Night - seconds before parting (05:01)
04. Light Of Night - gray smoke (05:36)

quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2011

BCee - Beat The System LP

The debut LP from BCee is FINISHED! Out in November on Spearhead Records. Eight brand new tracks and four that you will already know and hopefully love. Vocals from Darrison, Robert Owens, Shaz Sparks and a few cheeky ones. More details coming soon but I'm VERY excited."
Artist: Bcee
Title: Beat The System LP
Label: Spearhead
Cat. Nr: SPEAR041
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 21/11/2011

01. Keep The Faith Feat. Robert Owens (04:17)
02. Beat The System (04:38)
03. The Gift Feat. Shaz Sparks (05:07)
04. Looking Glass Feat. Shaz Sparks (05:03)
05. Chameleon (05:00)
06. Is Anybody Out There? (06:05)
07. Count The Stars Feat. Lingby (05:07)
08. Switchfoot (05:19)
09. Captured In Time (05:17)
10. So Right Feat. Darrison (05:00)
11. Generations (06:23)
12. Out In The Cold (05:20)
13. Guilty (05:33)
14. Heartache Feat. Ad-Apt (05:56)
15. Beyond Belief (04:36)
BCee - Beat The System LP - Spearhead Records by spearheadrecords

domingo, 20 de novembro de 2011

Dreamscapes of Emotions EP

Brazilian label is emerging with great productions.Check:
Artist: VA
Title: Dreamscapes of Emotions EP
Label: DNBB Recordings
Style: Drum n Bass
Date: 15.01.2012
Tracks: 4
[DNBB006] Dreamscapes of Emotions EP by DNBB Recordings

Thesis - Dreamscaper
Thesis - Goldem Age
Fishy - One Day
Grinda - Jupiter Rising

sábado, 19 de novembro de 2011

Little Jinder

Artist: Little Jinder
Title: Without You EP (TBD058)
Label: Trouble & Bass Recordings
Cat.nr: TBD058
Year: 2011
Genre: Drum & Bass, Dubstep, House
Tracks: 04


01: Little Jinder - Without You [04:06]
02: Little Jinder - Without You (Seba Remix) [05:29]
03: Little Jinder - Without You (Myd Remix) [05:57]
04: Little Jinder - Without You (Instrumental) [04:07]

terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2011


Devils In The Detail is the new album from Lynx, the man who took the
Drum and Bass world by storm with tunes like Disco Dodo, & Mariachi in
2007, and his landmark album The Raw Truth (with Kemo) for Marcus Intalex
Soul:R label in 2009.
Devils In The Detail is also the first album on Lynx own label Detail
Recordings which has been an audio document of Lynx unique musical
journey for the last 2 years along with releases for Metalheadz,
Brownswood, Black Acre, & Digital Soundboy.
Lynx trademark sonics run throughout Devils In The Detail, splicing
together time signatures and tempos to perfectly represent his innovative
sound and label. Collaborating with a diverse range of artists in the
true spirit of eclecticism, familiar faces including Kemo, DRS, Fats and
Deeizm step up to provide vocals whilst the likes of Marcus Intalex and
Noisia weigh in to join Lynx at the controls. With a widescreen vision
far beyond simple dancefloor drum & bass, Lynx sets out where others fear
to tread and crosses bass music boundaries to deliver a complete package
with the kind of finesse only an experienced producer of his calibre can
Artist: Lynx
Title: Devils In The Detail
Label: Detail
Cat.#: DETAILP001
Style: Drum And Bass
Date: 11.14.2011
Tracks: 14

01.Without Warning Feat. hellrazor 05:18
02.Burn Feat. Kemo K Whitmarsh And Seed 04:53
03.Time Machine Feat. Hellrazor 04:00
04.9 Muses Feat. Sense MC 06:18
05.Back To The Jungle Feat. Hellrazor And Kemo 07:24
06.Revolutions Feat. Fats And Seed 05:04
07.Jetlag Feat. DRS And Marcus Intalex 02:47
08.Blip Blop Feat. Hellrazor 04:18
09.First Winter Feat. Hellrazor And Suree 05:50
10.All For You Feat. Deeizm and Fats 05:41
11.Playskool 06:00
12.Somethings Never Change Feat. Hellrazor 05:38
13.Whos This Feat. Noisia And Seed 06:29
14.Open Close Lock Feat. ciah 04:27

Blood Brothers

Artist: VA
Title: Blood Brothers
Label: Liquid Brilliants
Cat. Nr: LQBDIG060
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 14/11/2011


01. "Blood Brothers" 05:57
02. "Soul Sister" 05:36

sábado, 12 de novembro de 2011

Mutated Forms

Falling between the dubstep, drum step and D&B schools of thought, this one will appeal to all bass heads. Estonian outfit Mutated Forms have been causing a ruckus with their latest release on Grid. "Wastegash" is all The Clangers style bleeps, grinding, grating b-line and low-slung swagger, growling along with cheeky chirpiness and dancefloor panache. Accompanying this is effervescent sounds of "Duct Taped" - a tense, hissing intro full of menacing atmospherics, followed by a chopped up vocal-led passage and high pitched swooning synths. A cool and classy release from Mutated Forms.

1. Wastegash
2. Duct Taped

Drum'n'Bass Das Ruas do Brasil Para O Mundo

Drum n Bass made ​​in Brazil, EP free to download, collaborations established names, check:
Artist: Various
Release Title: Drum'n'Bass Das Ruas do Brasil Para O Mundo
Cat. Nº: TBCD001
Release Date: 16/08/2011
Format: MP3/320kbps/44.100 MHZ/// FLAC, OGG Vorbis, Wave(16bits)
Genre: Electronic
Subgenre: Drum N'Bass
Total Time:01 Hr 33 m 51 sec.
Size: 226MB
Download this EP :
tranzmitterbreakz downloads

Latest tracks by tranzmitterbreakz


01. Alex DB - Slow Dance (7:38)
02. Subsid - Aruwak (5:09)
03. DuoScience - Other Side Of The Streets (5:44)
04. Cavalaska - D.Riddim (4:59)
05. Artomik - Positive Vibes (5:28)
06. DJ Dns - DZ6 (5:33)
07. DJ Nine - Warriors (6:03)
08. Marcio Mouse And Broken System - First Of Many (5:40)
09. MayForms - Sky Blue (5:11)
10. DJ Heitor - Guardian Of The Past (5:12)
11. Blood Brothers - Black and Gold (6:18)
12. Guinga - Vicking (7:10)
13. Death and Addams - Singing to Hell (7:16)
14. L-Side - My Confused Mind (5:32)
15. Yes America Featuring Cavalaska - The Origin (5:12)
16. Fabio Kura - Silence (5:46)

quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2011

Make Way For The New Generation

12 AMAZING TRACKS! Make room for new talent FRED V, GRAFIX, KG and more make stunning tracks you got to own.
V.A.:Make Way For The New Generation
Label: Talkin Beatz
Cat.#: TBZLP001
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: 31 October, 2011

[05:42] 01. Grafix - Deep Inside
[06:01] 02. KG - The Day She Walked Away (ft. Victoria Port)
[05:31] 03. Grafix & Fred V - Decades
[05:28] 04. Hectix - The Return
[04:49] 05. Fred V - Paradise
[06:20] 06. Genetic Bros - Love
[05:12] 07. Dimension - Got To Be Free
[04:50] 08. Hectix - Saturn
[05:44] 09. Grafix & Fred V - White Lies
[04:52] 10. Koncep - Gravitate
[05:31] 11. KG & Genetic Bros - Summer Time
[05:56] 12. KG - The Day She Walked Away (Instrumental Mix)