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Joe Nebula feat. Patricia Edwards
Shuffle As One
Cat. N. LUV043

A1. Joe Nebula feat. Patricia Edwards – Shuffle As One (Orig Mix)
B1. Joe Nebula feat. Patricia Edwards – About Me and You (Orig Mix)

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Jubei - Say Nothin

Artist: Jubei
Title: Say Nothin
Label: Metalheadz
Cat.#: META002
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: April, 2012

[03:47] 01. Jubei feat. Flowdan - Say Nothin (Original Mix)
[05:44] 02. Jubei feat. Flowdan - Say Nothin (Extended Mix)
[05:13] 03. Jubei feat. Consquence - Accidental Note

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Say Nothin - Jubei ft. Flowdan

Say Nothing Feat. Flowdan Released April 30th on Metalheadz.


, - The Modal Lounge Sampler EP

Artist: Dynamic
Title: The Modal Lounge Sampler EP
Label: Fokuz
Cat.#: FOKUZLP 009S1
Genre: Drum and Bass
Released: 26.03.2012

01. Inner City Love Affair (instrumental version)
02. Lovers Flight
03. Starlit Romance
04. Skyward Vibes

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Dynamic - Modal Lounge (Album)

Dynamic brings us a truly enchanting album in the shape of Modal Lounge. "Feel The Way You Do" gets things started with a flurry of rattling breaks, chirpy instrumentals and muffled song, before we move through the lush, lilting rhythms of the aptly named "Fade Away" to woozy, soulful laidback loveliness in cuts like "Manhattan Love Theme" and "Softly Spoken Night". "Nighttrain To Montmartre" continues the romantic theme, with gorgeous, breezy atmospherics. Elsewhere we have the sultry "Modal Lounge" and concluding cut "Old Brooklyn Thing". A great album to unwind to of a summer's evening.
Artist: Dynamic
Title: Modal Lounge
Label: Fokuz
Cat.#: FOKUZLP 009
Style: Drum And Bass
Date: 23-04-2012

01. Feel The Way You Do
02. Fade Away
03. Re Indulge (Short)
04. Manhattan Love Theme
05. Softly Spoken Night
06. Nighttrain To Montmartre (Short)
07. Makes My Heart Feel
08. Cosmic Soiree
09. Msdos & Mjt - Harlem (Dynamic Remix)
10. Inner City Love Affair
11. Modal Lounge
12. Make Me Feel (Shorter Version)
13. Old Brooklyn Thing

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DC Breaks - Firez EP

A: Firez
B: Era
C: Move Closer ft. Belle Humble
D: Shaken
Release Date: 7th May 2012
Cat: RAMM114
Released by: RAM Records
Release/catalogue number: RAMM114
Release date: May 6, 2012

Atmosphere: Deeper Drum & Bass (Chapter 3)

Artist: VA
Title: Atmosphere: Deeper Drum & Bass (Chapter 3)
Label: Phuzion Digital
Cat.#: PZDLP002
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: 2012

[06:36] 01. Flowhertz - Nice Try
[06:02] 02. DV8 - Shoot 2 Kill
[06:23] 03. Arp-1 - Our Deepest Fear
[05:30] 04. Kredit - Coincidence
[06:35] 05. Jrumhand - Visions Of Music
[06:18] 06. Plain Dialogue - Caia Pira
[05:37] 07. Alexus - Magic
[05:38] 08. Msdos - Brassin'
[07:28] 09. Rowpieces - Farewell
[06:13] 10. Furney - Escape To Freedom
[06:15] 11. EKTO1 - Lose My Mind (Furney remix)
[05:07] 12. Soul Culture - Stronger
[06:15] 13. Mayforms - Last Night
[05:21] 14. Madcap - Our Love
[07:25] 15. Electric Soul - Believe In Yourself
[70:13] 16. Nookie - Atmosphere Chapter 3


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Duoscience - Bourne EP

The DNBB Recordings innovates once again and brings a TOP PRODUCER for the label, but this time, everything became quiet until the release date of his single
Released by: DNBB Recordings
Release/catalogue number: DNBB014

Duoscience - Bourne
Duoscience - Illegal

domingo, 22 de abril de 2012


Björk - Biophilia Remixes Series Volume One (Current Value)

Out first series remix of the announced by Björk for her album Biophilia. The project will include seven discs of remixes released at intervals of two weeks from April 16, all in the format vinyl, CD and download.
Biophilia Remix Series I
01. Crystalline (Current Value Remix) – 5:02
02. Solstice (Current Value Remix) – 6:33

Mayforms & Duoscience - Last Night (Duoscience V.i.P)

Released by: DNBB Recordings
Release/catalogue number: DNBB015
Release date: May 5, 2012

Dave Owen - On The Hush EP

Album interesting, liked the proposal and was surprised to hear old elements are used in contrunção the tracks, I recommend. Artist: Dave Owen
Title: On The Hush
Label: Prana
Cat. Nr: PRANA002
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 23/04/2012


01. Heaven Scent (05:48)
02. Making Moves (05:34)
03. On The Hush (06:12)
04. Short Sighted (05:51)

Lynx - March Of The Living

Artist: Lynx Title: March Of The Living Label: Samurai Red Seal Cat. Nr: REDSEAL016 Style: Drum & Bass Date: 23/04/2012
Tracklist: 01. March Of The Living (06:06) 02. Rankoor (06:59)

Random Movement

US producer Random Movement makes a return to the fore with this next release on Marky's Innerground imprint. "Feeling Translated" is all ticking, tripping breaks, delicate SFX and occasional hi hat hisses. It progresses gradually with a rumble of bass and a flurry of synths, a soulful vocal coming in and out of focus, but remains for the most part a sparse, meditative piece. The accompanying "Dirt Dobber" is much more rambunctious with classic rolling breaks, pounding sub bass, chirpy guitar melody and booms of bass breaking through the chiming instrumentals. Artist: Random Movement Title: Feeling Translated, Dirt Dobber Label: Innerground Cat.#: INN047D Style: Drum and Bass Rel Date: April, 2012
Tracklist: [06:33] 01. Random Movement - Feeling Translated [06:34] 02. Random Movement - Dirt Dobber

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sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Logistics - Fear Not (Album)

Logistics, the ever-ready and much-respected purveyor of the finest jungle flavoured rollers, brings us some superb new material in his fourth artist album, on the shelves in April 2012.

Artist: Logistics
Title: Fear Not
Label: Hospital
Cat. Nr: NHS209DD
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 16/04/2012

# Track Title Time
01. Fear Not 4:45
02. Timelapse 4:58
03. 2999 (Wherever You Go) 5:19
04. Try Again 4:12
05. We Are One 5:16
06. Crystal Skies 4:11
07. Feels So Good 4:59
08. Running Late 2:50
09. Early Again 4:36
10. Believe In Me 5:10
11. Letting Go 4:52
12. Sendai Song 4:53
13. Over And Out 6:19
14. Destination Unknown 2:04
15. Watching The World Go By 5:11

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Death and Addams - kaos EP

first release introduce the dual Death and Addams by SP FORGOTTEN RECORDINGS, KAOS EP with 5 exclusive tracks, special guest DJ and Producer Artomik.

Drum and Bass Dark, Hardcore and Old Scool.

ARTIST: Death and Addams
CAT. Nº: SPF 001
RELEASE DATE: 13 April 2012
FORMAT: Mp3/ 320kbps/ Wave 16 BIT 44.100 MHZ
GENRE: Eletronic
SUBGENRE: Drum n' Bass
TOTAL TIME: 33m04s
SIZE: 82,6MB
Free Dowload :

More info:
sp forgotten recordings

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Joe Nebula - Dreaming for Others

oe Nebula first released with the old skool legends Nebula2 who’s first release Séance & Atheama featured on the mighty Reinforced Records. A musical career was born and Joe had major successes throughout the Rave scene s early years dj’ing and performing Live PA’s across the country and world-wide.
After the rave years Joe set up the Volt Records with musical partner Richard McCormak (Nebula2), Paul Smith & Tony Thomas. A series of techno record labels who released over 50 records on labels Celestial Records, Red Eye, Visions and Collide Records. Other releases came on Industrial Strength (Lenny D), WAN and Juice Box (A Guy Called Gerald)
more :

Joe Nebula feat Patricia Edwards - Dreaming For Others
Joe Nebula - San one

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Total Science & S.P.Y. - Piano Funk (feat. Riya & DaM FunK)

Already hyped by the likes of DJ Marky, Lenzman and Bryan Gee, Toolroom Records next Drum & Bass onslaught comes courtesy of the legendary duo Total Science alongside Hospital Records favorite & mega talented S.P.Y featuring the vocal talents of divine songstress Riya and DM FunK providing the delectable piano melodies, Piano Funk is exactly what you would expect when two of Drum & Basss most prolific producers team up with undoubtedly one of the most serene voices on the scene in Riya and Boogie Funk legend DM FunK: An instant vocal hit that combines clean breaks with powerful piano progressions making this a must have record for this summer.

Artist: Total Science & S.P.Y.
Title: Piano Funk (feat. Riya & DaM FunK)
Label: Toolroom
Cat.#: TOOL15701Z
Style: Drum & Bass
Date: 04 April, 2012

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Meditation In Dance

RESPECT rec. presents their 5th release! Fantastic compilation of futuristic sounds of drumandbass!

Artist: VA
Title: Meditation In Dance
Label: Respect
Cat.#: RESPECT005
Style: Drum and Bass
Rel Date: 2 April, 2012

[07:33] 01. Bulb featuring Tiiu - gray snow
[05:04] 02. Dissident - stumble please
[04:59] 03. Mr.Sizef - skies kindness happiness
[05:24] 04. Eastcolors - space sex
[06:17] 05. Sobersoul - compact mood
[05:26] 06. Gerwin - at the gates of condemned society
[04:54] 07. Mikka Denn - mamihlapinatapai (n4m3 remix)
[05:59] 08. Enei - the lock

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Break - Here We Go / Soundwaves

After one of the most soulful D&B releases in recent times the sounds of ‘Oblique’ are about to be kicked into touch by Break, the King Of Tech, as he steps up to Critical to bring two slices of thunderous studio wizardry designed with one thing on the mind, the dance floor. Serious ammo ready to cause serious damage in the right hands, just how we like it! ‘Here We Go’ is not messing around. Dirty drums and a teasing mid-range kick from the off while rising pads envelope the mix until the drop…then it’s heads down, bass-face on and away we roll on the sickest of journeys into the tech-stepping territories of vintage Ed Rush & Optical. This ladies and gents is dynamite drum & bass and what a surprise…it’s on Critical again!
Flipping over and the goodness continues with ‘Soundwaves’, a rather more stripped down affair but just as devastating as the last. It’s all about the creeping b-line, classic dub vox sample and the stepping break on this one as it carries us all the way through to finish off yet another killer release from the one they call Break. Bad. Boy.

Artist: Break
Title: Here We Go and Soundwaves
Label: Critical Music Recordings
Catalog: CRIT062
Country: UK
Released: 02.04.2012
Tracks: 2

Tracklist :

01. Break - Here We Go
02. Break - Soundwaves

Goldie - Freedom (Feat. Natalie Duncan)

Bringing you the 100th release from Metalheadz; Goldie's new single 'Freedom' featuring Natalie Duncan on vocals and Louis Riccardi on guitar.

Artist: Goldie
Title: Freedom (Feat. Natalie Duncan)
Label: Metalheadz Recordings
Catalog: METH100
Format: WEB
Country: UK
Released: 02.04.2012

Dj Zigy@Forbass and Tendence presents DNBB Recs 04/02/2012