sexta-feira, 5 de março de 2010

Acoustiks - Liquid Sensations

For lovers of liquid drum n bass a great production out by Point Audio, Acoustiks - Liquid Sensations, check:

Artist: Acoustiks
Title: Liquid Sensations
Label: Point Audio

01. Always Here To Put My Arms Around You 05:43
02. How I Feel About You 05:29
03. Who Are They To Judge 04:59
04. Soldier of Funk 04:31
05. Something You Can't Forget 06:17
06. I Can't Get Enough 07:31
07. Alien Speech 07:49

Listen :
Acoustiks - Soldier of Funk
Acoustiks - Soldier of Funk by Acoustiks
Acoustiks - How I Feel About You
Acoustiks - How I Feel About You by Acoustiks

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